Parker County Kids Martial Arts Classes

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer The Best Jiu Jitsu Training In Town!

At Epic Fight & Fitness Academy, we believe the early years of your child's life can be some of the most important when it comes to the development of motor skills and character building.

That's why offer a high-energy Kids Martial Arts program that uses the skills and strategies of both Kickboxing AND Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to keep students active and help them learn something new every day.

We train boys and girls all across Weatherford and Parker County. All experience levels are welcome.

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What Can Your Child Expect In Our Kids Martial Arts Program?

From day one, your child will be surrounded by professional instructors who work hard to maintain a safe and supportive environment where everyone can have a blast.

Our Kids Martial Arts instruction starts with the very foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, teaching students skills like balance and coordination as they learn the positions and movements of the sport.

We offer an exciting belt progression system that builds students up one step at a time and helps them stay motivated along the way.

At Epic Fight & Fitness Academy here in Parker County, your child can learn:

  • Total-body strength, balance, and coordination 
  • Incredible listening skills and attention to detail
  • Proven bully prevention strategies
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

PLUS, We're Offering High-Energy Kid's Kickboxing Classes For All Ages!

Is your child more interested in stand-up striking and the high-energy world of kickboxing? Then join us here in Parker County for our incredible Kid's Kickboxing classes.

We're giving students of any age or skill level the chance to take on rapid-fire striking on the heavy bag and controlled sparring sessions where they can have a blast learning how to generate speed and power from any position. 

This class is a safe and enjoyable way for your child to build:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Strength and agility
  • Total-body speed
  • Motivation to train week after week

We're Helping Every Child Develop Life Skills In No Time

We know how much fun our students have challenging their bodies and learning new skills. But we also know that you're much more interested in the character skills that can serve your child for years to come.

At Epic Fight & Fitness Academy, we use our high-energy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training as a vehicle for well-rounded development. We surround our students with positive role models and we challenge them to find so much more than just physical success.

We're helping kids across Weatherford and Parker County:

  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Develop perseverance and courage
  • Improve their self-confidence in no time
  • Build respect and discipline in everything they do

Try Out Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Parker County Today!

There's no better way to set your child up for success than with the help of our Kids Martial Arts classes here at Epic Fight & Fitness Academy. We are so proud to impact the lives of students in Weatherford and all across Parker County and we can't wait to show you what we've got.

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