Epic Fight & Fitness Academy Reviews

Epic is a wonderfully family oriented gym. My wife and I train here with four of our children and we enjoy and appreciate the gentle and humble atmosphere. The coaches are attentive, respectful and considerate. They always strive to train the students effectively and intently. As well they ensure that the environment is always appropriate for children, wives and husbands. No one is running around immodestly. The coaches do extremely well with the kids. They aren't shy about correcting them, but always do so appropriately. We look forward to training and also look forward to a long future here.

Mihai Gurau

Great place! Coach Dondi is a very talented teacher and Jiu jitsu expert.

Justin Baruch

I absolutely love Epic, Fight & Fitness. They provide excellent training and a killer workout. Through their program I've experienced many benefits. The most important for me are strength and confidence. The coaches are very poliet and professional. The atmosphere is fun and full of dynamic energy. It's truly a great family friendly establishment.

Teri Richardson

Amazing place for kids. Coach Dondi has a way to help kids focus their energy in a positive activity. He also has helps my son with self confidence and concentration. Highly recommend!

Deliz Sappenfield

Awesome facility, Dondi really cares for his students and is great with kids. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to really get in shape and learn some real world martial arts.

Gary Felts

Love this place! My son and I train here and have for almost a year. The coaching staff is knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. We have learned so much from being a part of this team and I never miss a chance to attend a class.

Gary Fuller

My husband and I and our 5 children have been members at Epic for over 3 years. The family friendly environment cannot be topped and class instruction is always fun and challenging. If you are in search of a gym that can build your or your children’s fitness, discipline, leadership abilities, and build friendships, then Epic is absolutely the place you need to be.

Kerry Markin

My daughter and I attend classes here and we absolutely love it. I enjoy the interaction during class with other students and have made quite a few new friends. The coaches go out of their way to make sure you not only participate but learn and understand. I could not ask for more and look forward to the next class every time I walk out the door. Very family friendly environment and Coach Dondi is awesome with the kids!

Lea Brown

My son has taken classes for the past four years. He has gained confidence and strength beyond what we ever expected. I take kickboxing class as well. We absolutely love it!! The coaches work wonderfully with kids and adults alike and are so encouraging! It is a great team atmosphere and a good fit for anyone!

Tara Duvall

Epic fight and fitness has changed my life. After having back surgery in November 2014, I found it hard to motivate myself to get fit again. My son joined in October 2015, and after watching how good the coaches were with him and the other kids, I was impressed. Being a former wrestler the workouts brought a lot of memories back and decided to join myself in January. I have been enjoying it ever since. It has brought a physical challenge back into my life. I feel younger and healthier. Thank you Coach Dondi.

Jason Westvang

I ❤️ This gym!!! I couldn't ask for a better place or better people for my daughters and I to train.

Summer Beesley Tarver

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

Respectful, clean, family environment that is maintained by ethical policies. Fun place to hang out, meet new people, and get an awesome workout in.

Lexey Brazeal

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

I have just recently started, but this place and the amazing people here make you feel so welcome. I have no experience in kickboxing and everyone is so patient and they explain things to you. It's been wonderful so far. I'm so excited I choose to go here.

Samantha Brown

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

The best martial arts place around. I've been to a couple of different martial arts academy in my martial arts career and this one really challenges you In every aspect of the sport. The school has a class for all ages and abilities.

Travis Hull

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

Great environment for kids and adults. They have a great coaching staff and and team oriented structure. It's a great place for anyone, whether your goals are to compete in martial arts, learn something new, or just improve your overall health and fitness.

Dylan Ashburn

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

My entire family absolutely LOVES Epic Fight and Fitness Academy! My daughter thrives in her Jiu Jitsu class, and my husband and I couldn't do without Kickboxing! Coach is the best!

Kaleigh Nicole Wood

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

Joined up in 2014 and have been going ever since. Lost a good deal of weight in doing so. Coaching staff and students are great. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to lose weight, learn self defense, and better themselves.

Michael Lara

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

EFFA has had an amazing impact on my girls. There are great achievements, such as strength, agility, respect, and commitment. But what has truly touched my heart is hearing my ten year old say: "I wish the coaches at school were like Coach Dondi who is supportive and yells keep going, you can do it." The care and respect she has for her coaches is always obvious. My shy six year old has really grown in her confidence and has become a leader at school. The chances to be a leader at EFFA has not only impacted her but is helping her impact others! I am thankful for Dondi, his program, the work ethic and support system he is instilling, as well as the life lessons that are imbedded. All these elements are what we strive to teach our girls and it's beyond amazing that he is able to reinforce and expect the same.

Angie Mitchell

Kids Martial Arts Parker County

This is the best place to train in martial arts. Love the coaches and how everyone helps you learn. Everyone is willing to teach you and is very patient while you learn the art.

Katrina Wright

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